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“Kopi” in bahasa Indonesia language simply means “coffee”, “luwak” is Indonesian name for civet, a nocturnal feline thanks to which we can get this special coffee .How do we get kopi luwak?

Civet living in the jungles of i.a. Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi eats mainly fruits, including red coffee berries. It only chooses the best, the ripest coffee cherries. Fruit is digested by passing through the digestive tract, but the bean is predigested only by proteolytic enzymes. As a result, coffee loses its bitterness and caffeine, and receives a subtle flavor. Beans are collected, cleaned and dried. They are only roasted and grinded short before sale.


a civet in its natural environment

How to differentiate genuine kopi luwak from a fake one?

This is a difficult task even for an expert! Kopi luwak has very subtle flavour with hints of caramel or chocolate. Something that should make you think while buying it is certainly a too low price- production of copy Luwak is very limited and the demand is higher and higher, hence the high price. Buying it from us, you can be sure you purchase pure 100% kopi luwak and not coffee that contains only a few percent of it. Our coffee is freshly roasted and grinded just before you buy it, so it doesn’t lose its unique flavor and aroma. Of course you can also buy coffee beans or green, still unroasted coffee that can be stored for several years. We offer two kinds of kopi luwak – arabica  and robusta from Sumbawa island. Choose your favourite one!

What is the difference between arabica and robusta?

Robusta beans contain two times more caffeine than arabica, making its flavour more expressive and a bit more bitter and sour. Robusta has about 2.7% caffeine, and arabica only 1.5%. Kopi luwak, whether robusta or arabica, has even less caffeine, making it safe for everybody, even for people with high blood pressure or ulcers.